Our Principles

We commit to enabling women to contribute to our economies.

We promote understanding as the best – if not the only- way forward.

We believe that entrepreneurial thinking equals liberated thought, creative decision making and results. As such we want all women to think entrepreneurial.

We promote partnerships and ideas exchange among women and men worldwide.

We constantly invite women for input on how we can mobilise the private and public sectors to improve their lives through access to knowledge and tools for their financial empowerment.

We fight clichés and tribalism. They raise walls of segregation.

We embrace diversity as a continuous source of talent and knowledge.

We strive tirelessly for freedom of thought and expression, but with respect and understanding towards cultural sensitivities.

We commit to keep fighting against misinformation, disinformation and fake news. Our language speaks the truth.

We reject labels and stereotypes.

We stand for values-based decision making and against any form of polarization.

We commit to mentor and support other women of all ages and backgrounds.