Our Principles

  • As women professionals across all realms, we commit to applying the highest standards of conduct to ourselves and represent the attributes we most admire.

  • We believe that ethical leadership is defined by transparency and honesty and the hallmark of ethical leadership is integrity. 

  • We fight clichés and tribalism. They raise walls of segregation.

  • We embrace diversity as a continuous source of talent and knowledge.

  • We strive tirelessly for freedom of thought and expression, but with respect and understanding towards cultural sensitivities.

  • We commit to keep fighting against misinformation, disinformation and fake news. Our language speaks the truth.

  • We reject labels and stereotypes as often replicated easily by those who prefer not to think before they speak.

  • We love big ideas but we are against polarization and politics of hatred.

  • We rise above political parties.

  • We do not colour people and we do not label anyone based on their political beliefs, race, age, gender or religion.

  • We salute those visionary public leaders who understand they must be servants of their people. 

  • We promote understanding as the best –if not the only- way forward.

  • We know that trust is the best conduit for communication and so we protect and nurture it.

  • We believe that we must keep expanding and deepening our knowledge about the world.

  • We focus on the people that have hope, energy and who are trying to do something good for our world.

  • We are not frightened of change. We challenge change.

  • We know that fear is a barrier that we can remove, and so we do.