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In a world of disinformation, fake news, failing leadership and constant change, we are in need of innovative and fearless thinking. We believe that women's role is crucial in the creation of understanding in our societies.

Our initiative Athena40 (launched in March 2018), is the first ever global list of the top 40 most powerful female minds.

Women who are born to push their limits, fly high, speak up, open new paths for all of us. Women have the ability to balance reason and emotion. In a polarised and uncertain world, we need both.

Our Athena40 discovers and acknowledges the work of the 40 most dynamic, active and fearless female thought leaders, columnists, commentators and activists across all industries and from all over the world.

Recognising originality and fearless thinking.

 Planet earth from the space at night . Some elements of this image furnished by NASA

A Global Conversation -

“The Way to the Top"

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Athena40 Campaign

Today we launched our inspirational @Athena40 campaign, every woman's journey from childhood to adulthood, through emotions, aspirations, insecurities, concerns, dreams, and -ultimately- passion.

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"Congratulations, what a triumph! I arrived full of doom and gloom about Brexit, environment etc and came away feeling uplifted knowing about the positive work being done by GTF. It’s impressive to see how much you have achieved in a relatively short time"

Rita Payne - London, UK

President, Emeritus

"Congratulations! We wish this will be the first of many to come. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this international success and meet so many successful women from all around the world"

Asli Kurklu - Istanbul, Turkey

Director, Assembly/Ferco Signature

"What a wonderful event! You should be very proud. There was a real sense of common purpose and drive. A fantastic panel in London and great participation around the world. Congratulations!"

Conor de Lion - Amman, Jordan

Advisor on External Relations, The Royal Scientific Society

"We really need to keep these dialogues, and with bigger groups."

Deema Bibi - Amman, Jordan

CEO, Injaz

"It was amazing! I was overcome with emotion when all cities started populating the screen. We all stopped and listened and I can't remember having an experience like that. It was bigger than all of us."

Lili Hall - New York, USA

CEO, Knock Inc

"What an amazing event! Thank you GTF, we really enjoyed the project."

Julia de Boinville - London, UK

VP Business Development, Afiniti

Athena was dedicated to positive change.

In mythology Athena was the goddess who taught mankind various skills such as weaving and sewing to the women and agriculture and metallurgy to men. She was always giving precious advice and stood by on any danger. Athena protected the heroes as they went out to war and saved them on their coming back.

What can contemporary 'Athenas' do, for our world?



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