Francesca Lessons
LLB, CEO & Founder - Business & Leadership Strategist & Advisor

Francesca Lessons has spent over a decade in public and international relations managing businesses and their leaders. Having worked for an extensive list of high-profile individuals and organisations, she now runs a private networking club and consults for a select group of clients - across the sectors of sport, technology, entertainment, art, and philanthropy. She helps leaders and their organisations achieve ambitious business development goals.

With a background in law and media, Francesca’s foundations are in promoting just causes; working for NGOs and politicians, newspapers and publishers. The experience and knowledge gained in the world of communications, which led to advising leaders on positive growth, strategy and reputation, have enabled her to weave the connections required to bring long-lasting results for those she supports. 

As CEO and Founder of Frankie’s Leaders, Francesca operates a team that delivers first-class cultural events around the world. Her broad influence and access makes her a valuable ambassador for the Global Thinkers Forum, specifically Athena 40. Frankie’s Leaders Club has evolved over 5 years from women-only to a “he-for-she” platform, so she truly understands the importance of promoting and celebrating great female minds.

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